Our Vision

The Daring Destination for Which We’re Headed

Our clients have ultimate trust and confidence in us because we support one another to discover the best in ourselves and in others.

Our Mission

The Firm’s Reason for Being

The constant pursuit to be the leading independent CPA firm in the region in professional and personal satisfaction, client confidence, community involvement, and profitability; enabled by the legacy of loyalty we foster with each other and our clients.

Our Values

The Bold Promises of How We Treat People

A genuine culture of Excellence. Dedication. Compassion.

What our Legacy of Loyalty Means to You

As Houston’s largest independent accounting firm and the third largest firm based in the Southwest United States, we have fostered a unique environment where our professionals are empowered to find the best in themselves and in each other. The result is highly engaged professionals who collaborate with each other and who welcome our interns and new professionals as valued team members.

That, we believe, is the essence of Loyalty.

Accounting Today magazine reported that 90% of Big 4 accounting major graduates leave the profession in three years. Our retention rates are far higher, which we attribute to our unique culture.

The firm's industry groups provide audit, tax, and consulting services to clients ranging from individuals to closely-held companies and small-cap public entities. We also offer sophisticated specialty services such as forensic accounting, international tax, and are in the top 1.5% of firms in the country providing employee benefit plan audits to over 170 plans — unique for a firm of our size.

That breadth of industry and services provides our associates hands-on experience to allow them to cultivate their own career interests and passions. And we take pride in the fact we have served many clients for decades, over generations of management.

That's part of the Legacy — one that you can begin to build by working at Briggs & Veselka.

See how our culture has earned us awards like these:

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