Being a college student and making good grades is already a full-time job.  The Office of International Students & Scholars at Houston-area universities such as Rice University and the University of St. Thomas have excellent programs and resources to help international students not only attend college in the U.S. but also ensures they are in compliance with their student or scholar visas.

Briggs & Veselka Co. was recently invited to present to these two scholarly institutions and educate the international students on U.S. tax reporting requirements that affect them.

Many international students receive scholarships or stipends or decide to work part-time, and once IRS forms are issued in the spring, most students are unaware of what to do with these forms.  For this purpose, Briggs & Veselka (“B&V) was asked to provide a tax workshop to discuss applicable U.S. tax requirements and U.S. tax forms required to be filed with the IRS.

B&V provides these tax workshops on the campuses of these universities on an annual basis in the spring.

At the specific tax workshop B&V recently presented, students were encouraged to bring their IRS forms to the workshop. Crystal Gates, Senior Tax Manager at B&V and Kelley Heng, Senior Tax Associate at B&V discussed U.S. tax reporting requirements and specifically Form 8843, which is an informational form that declares to the IRS that an international student is attending school in the U.S. on a student visa.  This form must be filed every year with the IRS regardless if any income was earned.

Students at Rice University and the University of St. Thomas were appreciative of this tax workshop, and many waited after the presentation to ask Crystal and Kelley questions.

Current college students are our future leaders in business, chemistry, engineering, medicine and literature to name just a few industries, and the Office of International Students & Scholars at these universities ensures international students are getting the best education in the U.S. as well as meeting their U.S. tax compliance.

Briggs and Veselka Co. is proud to be able to provide information and guidance in this area.



Crystal Gates                                                                   Kelley Heng
Senior Tax Manager                                                         Senior Tax Associate