Ransomware has quickly escalated to the number one cybersecurity threat. Because ransomware causes immediate fear and panic once users realize what has happened, they often don’t fully understand how it happened and how it could’ve been prevented.

Join Mike Trpkosh, Director of Cybersecurity at Pathway Forensics, a Briggs & Veselka subsidiary, to learn what ransomware is and how it works, notable attacks over the past year and the consequences, and key ways to help avoid becoming a victim of ransomware attacks.

1 hour of CPE and CLE credit

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn what ransomware is and how it works, including big game hunting’s different extortion models and the potential associated costs to an organization.

2. Understand the nuances of recent ransomware attacks, including the concept of ransomware as a service (RaaS), as well as a case example of how bad actors gained access, the known costs of the attack to date, the timeline of events, and lessons learned since the attack.

3. Help your organization avoid becoming a ransomware victim through recommended preventative measures and additional insights.

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