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Consulting Services for Healthcare Companies

From HIPAA compliance to cybersecurity and privacy, we can help you assess your organization’s compliance programs and improve them where needed. 

Additionally, new lease accounting regulations could have an impact on bank loan covenants as they might change the borrowing base for many loans essential to medical practices.

How to prepare:

Briggs & Veselka is already working with doctors, practice administrators, and their banks to advise them on the possible implications of these new accounting regulations to help them prepare possible revisions to existing covenants and as guidance for future loan agreements.

Healthcare Practice Optimization

You have a busy healthcare practice. Optimizing it cannot only save you money and time, but it can improve the patient experience as well. We analyze your practice to optimize revenue and expense cycles through automation; enabling large portions of accounting tasks and other process to be automated. 

Patient Experience and Process Improvement

Patient referrals keep a practice growing. Getting more referrals lies in the patient experience.

We can assess the entire patient experience from initial contact and appointment to post treatment. We will identify any gaps and recommend process improvements to enhance these areas.

  • Increase patient referrals
  • Entire patient experience with your practice
  • Identify key attributes of patient satisfaction
  • Benchmark patient satisfaction
  • Become aware of key attributes of unsatisfied patients

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