How We Can Assist with Current Real Estate Accounting & Tax Issues

Cost Management for Internal Financial Functions

Supplier billing, month-end closings, and reports for lenders can place burdens on your existing finance and accounting staff and impede the cash flow of your practice.

How to prepare: Briggs & Veselka's Outsourced Accounting Services gives you budget flexibility and control when you require interim support of full back office accounting functions.

New Lease Accounting Regulations

These new accounting rules could have impact on bank loan covenants for your tenants, as they might change the borrowing base for many loans essential to operations.

How to prepare: Briggs & Veselka is already working with leaseholders, their clients, and banks to advise them on the possible implications of these new accounting regulations, to help them prepare possible revisions to existing covenants, and as guidance for future loan agreements.

Cost Segregation Studies

Such studies can impact the tax burden of projects through accelerated depreciation and write-offs of certain aspects of your assets.

How to Prepare: Our Real Estate professionals can show you redacted examples of such studies and the immediate tax benefit and cash flow improvements resulting from such studies.

Tangible Property Regulation Changes

The final tangible property regulations apply to anyone who pays to acquire, produce, or improve tangible, real, or personal property. For tax years after January 1, 2016, the IRS has made modifications to the safe harbor thresholds.

How to prepare: Briggs & Veselka tax professionals can provide a no-cost analysis of your tangible property deductions and compare them to the new allowances to provide a better understanding of the implication of these regulations.

Client Testimonial

"Other firms may be technically qualified to do the work, but I need them to make the process easy. The turnaround with Briggs & Veselka is always very efficient, even if we don't need it urgently. We both know what needs to be done and that's a very important reason why I choose them."

— Bert Rosenbaum, Vice President
Prime Capital Corporation, client since the early 1990s

Who We Serve:

  • Commercial development companies
  • Residential development companies
  • Multi-family development companies
  • Commercial management companies
  • Investors
  • Brokers and agents
  • Attorneys
  • Homeowner's associations
  • Insurance providers

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