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  • AICPA issues clarified attestation standard September 8, 2016 The Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) recently issued its attestation guidance in a new, clarified format. Here are more details on what’s ...
  • Redefining “small” for public companies September 8, 2016 Do you feel overwhelmed by the regulatory red tape that comes with being publicly traded? Relief may be in the works for some companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ...
  • FASB proposes changes to VIE guidance September 8, 2016 In the wake of Enron and other scandals involving off-balance-sheet items, variable interest entities (VIEs) have earned a bad reputation as a tool that may be used by unscrupulous owners ...
  • Revenue recognition standard: Ready, set, implement September 8, 2016 The new-and-improved revenue recognition rules go live in 2018 for calendar-year public companies. But many organizations have taken a wait-and-see approach, patiently holding out until the AICPA’s Financial Reporting Executive ...
  • How auditors evaluate the going concern assumption September 8, 2016 The AICPA’s Auditing Standards Board (ASB) recently issued an exposure draft that would amend the guidance for how an auditor evaluates a company’s financial viability. The proposal deals with the ...
  • Tax impact of investor vs. trader status September 6, 2016 If you invest, whether you’re considered an investor or a trader can have a significant impact on your tax bill. Do you know the difference? Investors Most people who trade stocks are ...
  • Tax impact of investor vs. trader status September 6, 2016 Tax impact of investor vs. trader status
  • IRS Urges Taxpayers to Check Withholdings September 2, 2016 Taxpayers should consider a mid-year tax withholding checkup following several new factors that could affect their refunds in 2017, according to the IRS. Click here to read more.
  • Are frequent flyer miles ever taxable? August 30, 2016 If you recently redeemed frequent flyer miles to treat the family to a fun summer vacation or to take your spouse on a romantic getaway, you might assume that there are no tax ...
  • Congress takes up tax bills before breaking for extended recess August 29, 2016 Congress takes up tax bills before breaking for extended recess