Cyber Security Services

Middle market companies are at greater risk of a cyber attack.

61% of small and medium sized business experienced a cyber attack in the last year (Ponemon Institute), while 28% of cyber incidents are caused by internal factors from errors in judgement or lack of controls and policies. (Verizon)


Small and medium sized business experienced a cyber attack in last year


Cyber incidents caused by internal factors

In a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of respondents, primarily management of middle market companies, conveyed a perception of a high or moderate risk of a cyber security incident.

Fewer than half indicated they were prepared for such an incident.

Our approach is designed to address cyber incidents

at any stage of the risk cycle:

  • Penetration testing – an active process in which ethical hackers attempt to safely breach your system to reveal gaps and digital open doors
  • Vulnerability testing – using sophisticated software, we can test your systems for gaps that allow bad actors to access your systems
  • 24/7 System Monitoring – our tools can keep a constant eye on your network, identify information coming and going, then alert you to any anomalies or risks in real time
  • Network Security Assessments – a technical review of your networks, with recommendations on security improvements
  • Cyber Policies and Procedures – since internal mistakes are commonly the cause of breaches, we can create handbooks and policies to protect your networks from internal actions that might compromise your security
  • Training – along with those policies are ongoing training of employees. We can deploy “fake-phishing” campaigns to learn if your employees are following your policies and procedures
  • Cyber Risk Assessment – using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) model, we can perform a more formal risk assessment to comply with your insurance carriers’ requirements for cyber coverage. Some insurance carriers offer a discount on the insurance coverage, or more favorable coverage, for companies who perform such assessments
  • Incident Response – our incident response team can jump into a company in the event a breach is discovered, and not only work to recover data, but preserve records in the event of an insurance claim or lawsuit. As part of the planning process, we provide a post-event action plan with roles and responsibilities to minimize disruption and loss of market reputation
  • Forensic Accounting – we provide a seamless integration with forensic accountants who can help find the digital “smoking gun” in the event of a lawsuit or other action occurs. Our entire process is defensible in a court of law

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