Tax Provision (ASC 740)

Due to the high risk impacts of Tax provision, we have developed a dedicated practice with extensive expertise in this area. Our practice is based on an incredibly deep understanding of GAAP and tax rules related to calculating tax provisions. Through the use of our proprietary Tax Provision Template, we are able to perform your complex analysis in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Tax provision has many complexities. We ensure our clients are able to see the full picture when it comes to their company’s tax positions and how their decisions will impact those positions.

Tax Provision Services for Businesses:

  • Preparation, review, and support of quarterly and annual tax provisions
  • Accounting for income taxes related to various stock awards
  • Income tax accounting for purchase accounting requirements of business combinations
  • Uncertain Tax Positions (ASC 740-10)
  • Preparation of current and deferred tax analyses and support for valuation allowances
  • Assistance in drafting required footnote disclosures


Forest Xu

Tax Partner, CPA


Fast Facts

  • Serve a variety of clients from closely held businesses to small cap public entities
  • Professionals with experience including Big 4 accounting firms, industry, and IRS
  • Provide corporate tax services in conjunction with our public and private audit services
  • Briggs & Veselka partners with professionals in other service areas to provide our clients with a powerful advisory team for a holistic approach to planning and compliance
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