Should Community Banks Begin Planning for CECL?

Is It Time for Community Banks to Begin Planning for the Implementation of CECL? With current expected credit losses (CECL), generally the answer is to wait. Try not to purchase any software or contract… Read More »

What are the Most Pressing Challenges Facing Community Banks in Texas?

There are several challenges facing community banks in Texas, with intense competition within the credit market, meeting regulatory expectations, and retaining expert talent among the major issues. Credit… Read More »

Commercial Lending or Real Estate Lending When it Comes to Risk Mitigation?

Commercial Lending vs. Real Estate Lending Data suggests that losses endured on commercial loans, on average, exceed the losses realized on real estate loans. But because of the regulatory cap placed… Read More »

How Does a Bank Protect Itself Against Significant Changes in Real Estate Pricing?

The best way a bank can protect itself against a significant drop in property values is to identify the warning signs as they appear. Therefore, as problems develop in real estate markets, it is necessary… Read More »

Should Banks Increase their Real Estate Lending Portfolios?

Real Estate Loans Real estate loans have consistently been a part of the loan portfolio of community banks, including loans expanded to purchase real property. Banks like loans secured by real estate… Read More »

What is an Effective Credit Grading System?

Credit Grading Precise and prompt credit grading is a key component of an effective loan review system. Credit grading involves an evaluation of credit quality, the recognition of problem loans, and the… Read More »

What Does a Bank’s Typical Loan Review System Consist of?

Loan Review System A loan review system mentions the responsibilities allocated to different areas such as credit underwriting, loan administration, problem loan workout, or other areas. Responsibilities… Read More »

Preparing for the New Lease Accounting Standard

After almost a decade of planning, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued a new standard on accounting for leases (ASU 2016-02) in February 2016. The standard went into effect for Public… Read More »

Transfer Pricing - International Updates

From Hong Kong to Peru, where you do business can have a major impact on your tax structure. Our Transfer Pricing experts work to identify where your business is at risk and provide guidance that helps… Read More »

What Documentation is Needed When Considering Potential Separate Property

Ensure You Have Accurate Documented Proof of Potential Separate Property During Divorces   The divorce process may include obtaining multiple sources of documentation, including paper and digital documentation,… Read More »

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