Projecting Future Cash Flows: Cash Flow Management Part 2

Cash shortages can be the result of poor planning and is one of the primary reasons businesses fail.  For this reason, developing a strong cash flow projection process creates a firm foundation of planning… Read More »

Surviving a Cash Flow Crisis - Cash Flow Management Part 1

Earlier this year a former client reached out to me as her business had suffered a series of setbacks of lost contracts, suppliers seeking bankruptcy protection and the deterioration of market prices.  The… Read More »

2020 Bank Year-End Planning

As the pandemic continues and the uncertainty of who will take control of the Senate is up in the air, major tax proposals are not anticipated immediately.    President-elect Biden’s tax proposal includes… Read More »

Important PPP Loan Updates from IRS and SBA

The Latest from the IRS Two very important items were released by the IRS on November 18, 2020 that impact taxpayers with PPP Loans. In Ruling 2020-27, the IRS restates that expenses paid with PPP funds… Read More »

How Wayfair Decision Affects Your Business

While speaking at a Texas Society of CPAs’ event, I shared my view that the United States Supreme Court decision on Wayfair, giving states the power to reach across state lines and force remote businesses… Read More »

SBA Releases Two New PPP Loan Forgiveness Forms

On October 26, 2020 the SBA released a notice announcing their intention to release two new PPP Loan Forgiveness forms.  The Form 3509 – Loan Necessity Questionnaire would be used by for-profit borrowers… Read More »

IT Security & Communication Focus - Financial Transformation Part 5

IT Security If your business is like mine, we have more employees working from home than ever before.  Although we have discovered that we are able to continue operating effectively, we have greater… Read More »

SBA Guidance on Change in Ownership of Entities with PPP Loans

On 10/2/2020 the SBA issued guidance for PPP borrowers undergoing a change in ownership (covering asset sales or stock sales) prior to obtaining loan forgiveness.  SBA Procedural Notice for Changes in… Read More »

Payroll Tax Deferral - Key Considerations

Summary Employers can allow eligible employees to defer the payment of the employee portion of September 1 – December 31, 2020 Social Security Taxes into the first four months of 2021. Because this is… Read More »

Focusing on Employees: Financial Transformation Part 4

The people that work for you may be the biggest asset to your business. Through the culture that you have built, loyalty over time, and the knowledge of your business, you have mutual investment in the… Read More »

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