Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is the best indicator of a business’s health and potential for success. 

Businesses must generate enough operating cash to ensure it can maintain operations, distribute cash back to investors, and invest in further growth of the business. 

A CFO mentor of mine once told me earnings were vanity, but cash is truth. 

This truth means that deliberate steps should be taken to strategically protect and manage cash while improving working capital with gazelle-like intensity. 

These steps involve proactively preparing, managing, and sharing rolling cash flow projections going forward while taking the scalpel to budgets to eliminate excess costs and potentially delay significant asset purchases.


Improve your invoicing and receivable collections through cloud-based systems or tools to ensure that payments are received quickly while maintaining accurate information to improve further collection efforts.

Stay in contact and engage with your customers to build greater connection which then drives the added benefit of collecting cash faster.


Because we do not know how long it will take for business to return to “normal,” we must each focus on liquidity in order to manage our obligations. 

Liquidity becomes an area of intense focus due to the uncertainty of recovery time.  Banks and investors gain comfort when liquidity is strong. 

This then leads to better lending agreements with favorable terms and interest rates when obtaining loans or other financing options.  

Lastly, if you are considering selling your business in the next twelve months, a heathy liquidity is a critical component to ensuring you obtain the best return for your investment.

Our Part of Your Solution

All businesses have a limited amount of cash and resources. 

Our B&V CFO Advisory solution provides experienced Controllers and support team members with experience in cash flow analysis and establishing best practices. 

Whether supporting your accounting team or serving as your outsourced accounting and finance function, we assess the issues, choose the best solution option available, transition into solving the issue and engage in the process. 

Our experience has shown us that our CFO Advisory services generally represent 60 to 75% of the cost of a fuller sourced, on-site accounting controller’s salary, benefits, and bonus. 

We engage our clients with a highly experienced team at a fraction of the cost of an in-sourced team. 

Our dedicated CFO / Controller, Accounting Manager and support staff is always there to answer questions, provide a structured control environment to protect your assets, and focus on helping you understand and mitigate your financial and operational risk.

If you are a service-based business:

  • In need of financial expertise and guidance,
  • Desiring a cost effective alternative to a full time Controller / CFO

Our B&V CFO solution may be the best option.  Our aim is to take care of your strategic finance and accounting needs so that you can take care of your business.

Next Steps

Interested in our CFO / Controller Advisory Services? Call us at 713.667.9147 and ask for Kevin Stewart or Jana Kelly to schedule a free 60-minute consultation.

About the Author

Kevin Stewart is an accounting executive within professional services, public and private growth companies. 

He has 20 years of experience turning around and building accounting and finance teams to fix the sins of the past, stabilize the now and create organizations to support growth. 

His deep finance, accounting and compliance expertise helps business owners focus on what they do best – run and grow the business. 

As your Chief Profit Officer (CPO), he will help improve your profits by focusing and advising on the controllable financial aspects of your business. 

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