Accounting Considerations

Enjoy this quick update on accounting regulations.   PPP Forgiveness Borrowers have 10 months from the end of the covered period (between 8 and 24 weeks at the borrower’s discretion) before the lender… Read More »

Stronger Internal Control Environments - It Starts With the Board

Risk Management From a Board Perspective When an organization has proper risk controls, operations shift from headaches to peace of mind. Without risk controls, the symptoms within an organization become… Read More »

Non-Profits - Protect Your Organization To Manage Cyber and IT Risk

What Are the Current Threats to Non-Profits and their Data? 5 of the Top Current Threats to Organizations in 2021 Social Engineering: 1/3 of breaches in 2021 used social engineering and of those 90%… Read More »

Should Community Banks Begin Planning for CECL?

Is It Time for Community Banks to Begin Planning for the Implementation of CECL? With current expected credit losses (CECL), generally the answer is to wait. Try not to purchase any software or contract… Read More »

What are the Most Pressing Challenges Facing Community Banks in Texas?

There are several challenges facing community banks in Texas, with intense competition within the credit market, meeting regulatory expectations, and retaining expert talent among the major issues. Credit… Read More »

Commercial Lending or Real Estate Lending When it Comes to Risk Mitigation?

Commercial Lending vs. Real Estate Lending Data suggests that losses endured on commercial loans, on average, exceed the losses realized on real estate loans. But because of the regulatory cap placed… Read More »

How Does a Bank Protect Itself Against Significant Changes in Real Estate Pricing?

The best way a bank can protect itself against a significant drop in property values is to identify the warning signs as they appear. Therefore, as problems develop in real estate markets, it is necessary… Read More »

Should Banks Increase their Real Estate Lending Portfolios?

Real Estate Loans Real estate loans have consistently been a part of the loan portfolio of community banks, including loans expanded to purchase real property. Banks like loans secured by real estate… Read More »

What is an Effective Credit Grading System?

Credit Grading Precise and prompt credit grading is a key component of an effective loan review system. Credit grading involves an evaluation of credit quality, the recognition of problem loans, and the… Read More »

What Does a Bank’s Typical Loan Review System Consist of?

Loan Review System A loan review system mentions the responsibilities allocated to different areas such as credit underwriting, loan administration, problem loan workout, or other areas. Responsibilities… Read More »

What Documentation is Needed When Considering Potential Separate Property

Ensure You Have Accurate Documented Proof of Potential Separate Property During Divorces   The divorce process may include obtaining multiple sources of documentation, including paper and digital documentation,… Read More »

Do You Remember the Basics of Leadership?

Have you forgotten what it takes to be a leader? If you forego the basics of leadership, you’ll sacrifice success. WARNING: This blog’s content may contain familiar concepts, but might be easily overlooked… Read More »

What to Consider When Identifying Potential Separate Property

Understanding Common Intricacies of Potential Separate Property During Divorces During a marriage, couples often share everything, from furniture to finances. These couples will most likely commingle… Read More »

[Webinar] SOC Audit Controls and COVID-19: Maintaining and Monitoring the Control Environment

How COVID-19 impacted the SOC audit landscape, during the pandemic and into the new normal. COVID-19's effects were felt by every type of organization in 2020, and the impact is still reverberating in… Read More »

Coronavirus Relief Funds Still Available for Healthcare Providers

The CARES Act allocated $100 billion to the Public Health and Social Service Emergency Fund (or ‘Provider Relief Fund’) to remain available until expended. The purpose of the funds is to prevent, prepare… Read More »

What to Do When the Date of Marriage is Hard to Pin Down

Dissecting Basic Complexities of the Date of Marriage During Divorces Each divorce has its own set of special circumstances and/or complexities that need to be addressed in order to properly perform a… Read More »

Gift Cards: Great for Cash Flow, An Accounting Headache

How FASB aims to address this issue Gift cards and reward programs have been known to be one of the top revenue generators for restaurants and retailers. But people tend to forget about their gift cards,… Read More »

How Loyalty Programs Impact Retailers and Consumers

Understand new revenue recognition standards for loyalty programs.  As a consumer, we gravitate to the idea of purchasing now and receiving rewards or discounts later. The idea that our purchases today… Read More »

Divorce: What’s Yours, Mine, or Ours?

4 Basic Considerations Used to Identify Characterization of Assets During Divorces The topic of divorce is rarely a welcome one during an average conversation. However, for some people, divorce is something… Read More »

COVID’s Impact on Business Valuation

What business valuation professionals need to consider when valuing your business. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed dramatically, and every business has been impacted in one way or another. At… Read More »

Steps to Surviving a Cash Flow Shortage – Cash Flow Management Part 5

Even successful businesses have times when they lack the cash to pay short-term commitments. The key to mitigating any risk is identifying the risk and then creating processes and controls to protect yourself. The… Read More »

Managing Payables – Cash Flow Management Part 4

Gross sales growth can blind business owners to a multitude of problems. Managing a growing company requires keeping a disciplined focus on keeping expenses and overhead under control. It is easy to be… Read More »

Improving Receivables - Cash Flow Management Part 3

Receivables are not a problem for point of sale businesses, but are an ongoing concern for service based companies as most vendors do provide payment at the point of invoicing.  Depending on your invoicing… Read More »

Projecting Future Cash Flows: Cash Flow Management Part 2

Cash shortages can be the result of poor planning and is one of the primary reasons businesses fail.  For this reason, developing a strong cash flow projection process creates a firm foundation of planning… Read More »

Surviving a Cash Flow Crisis - Cash Flow Management Part 1

Earlier this year a former client reached out to me as her business had suffered a series of setbacks of lost contracts, suppliers seeking bankruptcy protection and the deterioration of market prices.  The… Read More »

IT Security & Communication Focus - Financial Transformation Part 5

IT Security If your business is like mine, we have more employees working from home than ever before.  Although we have discovered that we are able to continue operating effectively, we have greater… Read More »

Focusing on Employees: Financial Transformation Part 4

The people that work for you may be the biggest asset to your business. Through the culture that you have built, loyalty over time, and the knowledge of your business, you have mutual investment in the… Read More »

Real Estate Focus - Financial Transformation Part 3

Focusing on Real Estate Regardless of how your business has been impacted, reconsidering the real estate needs of your business at this time is a reasonable move.  If working from home has become a more… Read More »

Banking Relationship Focus - Financial Transformation Part 2

Your Banking Partner Connect with your banking partner to explore what options are available to you in the short-term to expand lines of credit, enter asset-based lending agreements, or obtain short-term… Read More »

Cash and Working Capital Focus - Financial Transformation Part 1

Cash Flow Positive cash flow is the best indicator of a business’s health and potential for success.  Businesses must generate enough operating cash to ensure it can maintain operations, distribute cash… Read More »

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