Pathway Forensics, a nationally-recognized digital forensics firm specializing in computer forensics, eDiscovery processing and hosting, data analysis, corporate investigations, and expert witness testimony, is joining Briggs & Veselka, Houston’s largest independent accounting firm, the management of both firms announced today.

Pathway provides a variety of forensic services for matters typically involving business and employment disputes, compliance and discovery requests in litigation and government investigations, and fraud and criminal investigations for clients including Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, and private companies.

The additional capabilities are designed to reinforce Briggs & Veselka’s Forensic, Valuation, and Litigation Support practice, the firm’s recently launched cybersecurity practice, and its audit and tax practices.

In addition, the expansion will provide an integrated resource for middle-market companies facing new digital challenges from internal and external sources.

“We believe this will be a great partnership because of our similar cultures and complementary skill sets,” said Sheila Enriquez, leader of the Briggs & Veselka Forensic, Valuation, and Litigation Support practice and the firm’s Consulting group.

“Pathway has received numerous kudos statewide for their computer forensics, corporate investigations, expert witness, and eDiscovery services, and they will be an excellent resource for our clients and the law firms we serve,” Enriquez added.

“Pathway is excited to join a firm with such a remarkable market reputation and with such a high degree of client loyalty. And our cultures align well, which was a critical point for me and our management team,” said Noel Kersh, partner with Pathway.

“We’re excited about the ability to collaborate on litigation matters as well as the middle-market corporate clients that Briggs & Veselka serves,” he added.

The firm leadership brings more than 75 years’ experience in conducting digital forensics acquisitions and analysis on a variety of cases involving business and employment disputes, investigating theft of intellectual property, compliance with discovery requests, family law, harassment, in-house investigations for large corporations, copyright infringement, and criminal cases.

Kersh was recently interviewed on CNN about digital evidence collected from the Las Vegas shooter, and Pathway partners have been featured speakers and presenters at a variety of industry events.

In addition to Kersh, one other Pathway Principal, Dustin Hager, along with Directors Chris Graham and Dennis Williams, and staff, will be part of the new organization.

All of the management team hold multiple forensic certifications and are Licensed Private Investigators by the State of Texas.

The digital forensics operation of Briggs & Veselka will continue to operate from the current Pathway offices in northwest Houston for the immediate future.

About Pathway Forensics

Pathway Forensics' team has extensive experience in digital forensics acquisition and analysis as well as large-scale enterprise collection and processing for electronic discovery matters.

The firm offers practical, cost-effective solutions as well as the latest services and technology in the industry.

For the 7th year in a row, Pathway Forensics was voted Best Texas-Based Computer Forensics Firm by our clients in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The news was recently announced in Texas Lawyer Magazine.

Pathway was also voted Best Corporate Investigations provider and Best Texas-Based Expert Witness provider in Houston.

In Dallas, Pathway was voted Best Texas-Based End-to-End e-Discovery Provider, Best Texas-based Corporate Investigations Provider, Best Texas-Based Expert Witness provider.

In Austin, Pathway was voted Best Corporate Investigations Provider, Best End-to-End Litigation Consultant, and Best Texas-Based Expert Witness provider. 

Learn more about Pathway Forensics here.

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