Pathway Forensics, a subsidiary of Briggs & Veselka Co., was voted among the best of the best by Texas Lawyer Magazine again this year.

The firm has won or placed in the top three in each of their relevant categories since the list’s inception nine years ago.

“It’s an honor to be recognized each year as the best in what we do, and we continue to fill that #1 spot in Houston, which means our dedication to the city doesn’t go unnoticed,” said Noel Kersh, Principal at Pathway.

“We’re ranking higher in Austin now that we have a dedicated location there, and we expect to continue to improve as we bring more experts onto our team throughout the state,” he added.

Pathway consistently ranks among the top in their five major categories in Houston and Austin/San Antonio:

  • Corporate Investigations Provider
  • End-to-End Litigation Consultant
  • Texas-Based Computer Forensics Firm
  • Texas-Based E-Discovery Provider
  • Texas-Based Expert Witness Provider

The firm also has appeared on three of the Dallas/Fort Worth lists, and this year made it onto the End-to-End Litigation Consultant and Texas-Based End-to-End E-Discovery Provider lists for the first time in that region.

Briggs & Veselka, Pathway’s parent company, was again named to the Best Places to Work list by the Houston Business Journal, representing the firm’s values of dedication, excellence, and compassion across all parts of the business.

The exact rankings will be announced later this month.

Texas Lawyer Best of 2019 Hall of Fame badge for corporate investigations providersTexas Lawyer Best of 2019 Hall of Fame badge for expert witness providersTexas Lawyer Best of 2019 Hall of Fame badge for computer forensics firms         

About Pathway Forensics

Pathway Forensics' team of experts has extensive experience in digital forensics acquisition and analysis as well as large-scale enterprise collection and processing for electronic discovery matters, along with cyber security services.

Our firm offers practical, cost-effective solutions as well as the latest services and technology in the industry.

Typical cases handled by the firm involve business and employment disputes, compliance and discovery requests in litigation and government investigations, and fraud and criminal investigations for clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, and private companies.

As required by Texas law, Pathway Forensics is a licensed Private Investigation Firm (#A19498).

Learn more about Pathway Forensics.

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