Why is it important for companies to have a strategic approach to sales and use taxes?

All companies have a finite amount of resources that can be dedicated to sales and use tax issues. With this in mind, it is important to quickly identify the areas that may bring the greatest risk or highest benefit.

What factors need to be considered?

We will consider a number of factors such as issues identified to date by you or another advisor, company activities, level of tax audit risk based on existing footprint with a jurisdiction, current and planned income tax filing status, materiality, current state tax statutes/policy, and specific facts and circumstances associated with business activities. The goal is to recover available funds as efficiently as possible and put measures in place to stop overpayments and minimize risk.

Why choose Briggs and Veselka Co.?

If you allow Briggs and Veselka to partner with your company on sales and use tax matters, you will have a dedicated sales and use tax team focused on addressing these issues in a manner that is consistent with your company’s goals. We will strive to identify and deliver value based on significant experience with difficult and complex problems. While at a Big Four firm, I personally served the largest companies in the world on sales and use tax matters including technology companies in the Pacific Northwest, banks on the East Coast, telecommunication companies, large and small retailers, energy and related companies, and manufacturers.

Our team includes Eric Aleman and in addition to his experience as a sales and use tax auditor for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Eric worked for a large regional and global firm as a sales and use tax consultant for several years. Our approach to a sales and use tax audit is to be very proactive on the front end, finding the grey areas and areas of risk to develop the best position available based on the facts and documentation. Sales tax auditors are expected to bring in more money when they spend a great deal of time on an audit, so we help the auditor come to the right conclusions quickly and push the audit along.

We have dedicated, full-time sales and use tax staff as part of our practice. Our team includes talent from Big Four and others firms with global reach. It would be difficult for companies to find a sales and use tax practice that can bring this level of experience on refunds. We roll up our sleeves and help our clients find creative solutions to their problems.

How do your fees compare to other firms?

Our consulting rates are a fraction of how we billed clients while at previous firms. The refunds we find are “real money” for our clients. Our commitment is to work alongside our clients to provide advice resulting in continuous process improvement. We will work with you to further define the long-term plan for state tax compliance. If requested and appropriate, we will consider value billing.

How do we start?

We are always available to your company if you want to direct a question our way. I can be reached at jcooney@bvccpa.com.