If you do not currently have an SBA loan lender

Not a problem. We can help you in a number of ways through this complex process. 


Guidance through the SBA process

  • For any business, especially businesses who have never applied for SBA funding, B&V’s SBA task force is standing by to help facilitate a smooth and efficient application process.
  • We work with experienced SBA packagers that may facilitate the expediting of the application with the SBA.


Documentation gathering and application preparation

  • We will create, organize, and maintain a virtual data room to manage the flow of documentation needed for SBA applications.


Application preparation for forgiveness

  • It is broadly expected that businesses will need to apply for loan forgiveness, which could wind up being similar to filing a tax return, where accuracy and attention to detail result in a maximum benefit. 
  • We can prepare documentation and guide you through the forgiveness process.


Payroll cost analysis and forgiveness forecasting

  • We can help navigate the complex rules to help estimate loan amounts, forecast forgiveness, and provide guidance on prudent expense management to maximize forgiveness benefit.


Ongoing expense monitoring to support PPP loan forgiveness application

  • Documentation providing back up supporting data for the number of employees on payroll and pay rates, including IRS payroll tax filings and Sate income, payroll and unemployment insurance filings.
  • Documentation providing back up supporting data for payments on covered mortgage obligations, lease obligations, and utilities.



Briggs & Veselka is ready to support you through the entire SBA loan process. Please contact your representative directly or contact us at the link below.