Public Company Audit Services

Our public company audit services are geared for public companies at any stage in their business. Our teams will work to provide you a full picture of your business and where you may be at risk. 

Audit Services

  • Financial Statement Audits of Public Companies
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Compilation and Review of Financial Statements
  • Internal Controls Review
  • Employee Benefit Plan (401k) Audits
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2

“Continuity of staff is important to us. One of our first auditors in 2006 was promoted to manager at Briggs & Veselka, and he knows us and our business very well.”

Current Issues

Public companies can face many challenges during an audit. We can help with the below current issues and many more.

  • Fees not in alignment with service level from current provider
  • Pre-IPO
  • Restatements due to issues related to auditors
  • Sub-optimal auditor reports from PCAOB

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Clients Served

  • Small and mid-cap operating companies
  • Private companies contemplating IPO
  • Private Equity firms

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Latest Audit Insights

Meet Your Team


Adam Dimmick

Audit Partner and Department Chair, CPA, CGMA


jason Liu

Jason Liu

Audit Partner, CPA



Tom P. Donovan

Audit Partner, CPA



Lesley Sciortino

Audit Partner, CPA


Fast Facts

  • 100% clean opinions in past PCAOB reviews
  • Team consists of former Big 4 CPAs, CFOs, and attorneys
  • Integrated tax services when needed
  • Industry insights assure shorter learning curve on new engagements
  • Works closely with Private Equity firms and other financial advisors for small and mid-cap companies
Find All Public Company Audits Professionals

    Debra Seefeld Audit Partner, CPA, CFE
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    Hernie Antonio Audit Director, CPA 713-366-8530 ...
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    Jamie Sylvester Audit Partner, CPA
    713-353-1931 EDUCATION
    Jason Liu Audit Partner, CPA 713-366-8563 ...
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    Joe Alcorta Audit Director, CPA
    713-353-1978 EDUCATION
    Kerry Kilgore Audit Partner, CPA
    713-366-8523 EDUCATION
    Lesley Sciortino Audit Partner, CPA 713-353-1994 ...
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    Lily K. Wang Audit Partner, Energy Team Lead, CPA
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    Sheila Enriquez Managing Shareholder 713-667-9147 EDUCATION
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