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When it comes to conducting traditional audits of financial statements, companies need a CPA that is mindful of their industry specifications and unique positions in the market.

Briggs & Veselka offers deep industry knowledge that creates immediate value for our private company and public company clients.

Whether you are seeking pre-IPO readiness, a 401(k) audit, or financial statement audits, Briggs & Veselka provides service levels and the attention to detail that other firms simply can't provide.

Our work quality is endorsed by the fact that we have had clean opinions from regulatory agencies and peers since we started the peer review process.

Our Standard Audit Offerings

Beyond traditional audits, we also offer a full range of audit services help clients across a variety of audit functions that help your business succeed.

Additional Audit Services

  • Pre-IPO readiness
  • Internal control assessment and recommended improvements
  • Operational assessment and company analysis
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Cash to accrual transition
  • US GAAP transition to International Financial Reporting Standards

Current Issues and Triggers to Consider

  • Financial reporting process improvements and accounting discipline
  • Revenue recognition (ASC 606) implementation
  • Lease accounting (ASC 842) assessment and implementation
  • Leveraging innovation in audit process
  • Working remotely and implementation of technology for timely audit completion
  • Fee to service imbalance with current CPA firm
  • Company growth exceeds current CPA firm's ability and industry knowledge
  • Lack of continuity in engagement team and leadership transition

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