Our divorce forensic accountants take a holistic approach that includes forensic accounting as well as asset tracing and characterization, valuation, and expert witness services for divorce matters.

Our single-source solution is designed to reduce administrative time for the attorney and costs for their clients while providing high-quality, accurate results.

Services for Divorce Lawyers

Valuation and Asset Tracing/Characterization

  • Marital assets
  • Property division
  • Personal goodwill vs. commercial goodwill

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Expert Witness Testimony

Our professionals are neutral experts ready to testify to the validity of their findings.

They have the valuable ability to turn complex matters into easily understandable scenarios for all parties to gain transparency, both inside and outside the courtroom.

We advocate for our neutral opinions based on the facts and circumstances presented in a legal matter.

Rebuttal reports for opposing experts’ valuation can serve as a second opinion.

Divorce Financial Consulting

We help you and your clients understand the financial implications of marriage dissolution and can guide you towards a constructive course of action.

Forensic Accounting

For complex divorce matters, our forensic accounting team can assist with fraud investigations.

With a team consisting of CPAs/JDs, and led by our CEO and Managing Partner Sheila Enriquez, we have a valuable perspective from both financial and legal sides of divorce matters.

With more than 60 years combined experience and a wealth of professional certifications, we are positioned to help divorce and family law attorneys on matters of all complexities.

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