Companies are often shocked when they discover that a long-time employee has been stealing from them.

Our services pinpoint the who, the how, and the how much – giving you an accurate picture to proceed with litigation if desired.


  • Quantifying loss amounts in a cost-effective manner by leveraging data analytics
  • Supporting your fraud claims with documentation in a way that's easier for attorneys and/or law enforcement to use
  • Working with attorneys or law enforcement on civil or criminal litigation matters
  • Working with your insurance carrier to support covered claims
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Digital forensics through B&V Pathway Forensics to pull information off of computer hard drives, phones, or other electronic devices

Who We Help

Our team of CPAs, JDs, and Certified Fraud Examiners provides professional forensic accounting and investigation services, helping businesses and legal counsel understand potential damages and the ability to proceed with legal matters as necessary.

Contact any of our experts to discuss an overview of your case. Our professionals have experience across industries and are here to help.

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