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Understanding where your firm is vulnerable to fraud can potentially save your business thousands of dollars and reduce your exposure to lengthy and costly litigation matters.

Undergoing a fraud risk assessment will help you understand these vulnerabilities and enable you to reduce risks substantially.

We will review your existing internal controls, determine which processes are most vulnerable, and recommend anti-fraud measures to secure your business operations.

Our Services

Fraud-Based AnalyticsOngoing Fraud AnalyticsFraud Risk Dashboards

Fraud-Based Analytics

We can use big data analytics to reveal inconsistencies with your accounts payable, cash accounts, and reconciliations – or outright fraud.

Identify duplicate payments, suspicious journal entries, 'vendors' with similar addresses as your employees, and potential excess payroll.

Ongoing Fraud Analytics

We can continuously monitor and provide ongoing analysis of your data to determine if risks outlined in your assessment are declining as a result of newly implemented controls.

This analysis can also help identify whether new controls or processes should be considered.

Fraud Risk Dashboards

Fraud risk dashboards provide alerts on operations that hold higher risk.

This enables you to identify fraud risks at a glance via live analysis as your personnel carry out their particularly vulnerable tasks.

Who We Help

These assessments can be tailored to firms of all size.

This helps businesses of all sizes avoid potential fraudulent activity that can not only cost companies thousands of dollars, but can also consume significant hours of time for key management members.

Our Process

Once our engagement begins, it is essential that we understand your organizational chart and responsibilities.

We work to understand key processes around financial reporting, purchasing, and receivables – everyday tasks that are most vulnerable to fraudulent activities.

From there, we apply fraud-based data analytics to efficiently analyze large sets of company financial data spanning multiple years.

Our professionals have experience across industries and are here to help.

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