Is it time to rethink your internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance approach?

We help our clients stay in control. We have the experience, skills, and knowledge to design, evaluate, test, and mitigate deficiencies in your controls.

To maintain a strong corporate governance program, company boards and senior management teams must understand the nature of emerging risks and align them with effective controls.

Controls must be dynamic to keep up with the speed of advancement in technology and business innovation as well as the change in the economy, industry, company business objectives, and risk priorities.

Internal Audit Services

Co-SourcingFull OutsourcingSOX Compliance and Controls RationalizationEnterprise Risk Management (ERM) ProgramsInternal Audit Transformations


We team with chief audit executives (CAEs) to provide qualified internal auditors, subject matter experts, and industry knowledge to accomplish the company's internal audit plan.

Full Outsourcing

We offer a complete internal audit function for the audit committee and C-suite in a cost-effective manner as an alternative to maintaining a team of full-time company employees.

SOX Compliance and Controls Rationalization

We provide co-sourcing, full-outsourcing, or automation for public companies required to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

We offer SOX consulting services that are focused on identifying more efficient ways to perform SOX compliance.

Our team accomplishes this by evaluating the relevance of controls and the use of automation to remove redundant, inefficient, and ineffective controls.

We also handle quality assurance reviews of internal audit functions as well as IT controls and cybersecurity reviews.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Programs

We design and implement ERM programs for companies.

We are experienced in refreshing business objectives, identifying risk priorities, performing gap analysis, and preparing action plans for companies small and large.

Internal Audit Transformations

In addition to our other internal audit services, we also stay on top of shifting industry trends via continuous monitoring. Our experts also guide you as you begin incorporating automation and robotics into your business strategy.

Our Approach

First, we assess your existing internal audit and SOX compliance activities.

Next, we identify value drivers for internal audit and SOX within your firm, aligning internal audit and SOX activities with the business objectives and risk priorities of the organization's stakeholders.

We then develop the desired internal audit and SOX activities, resulting in a refreshed and effective internal audit program.

Finally, we'll recommend solutions to improve the framework, alignment, and value of IA and SOX programs.

Our Internal Audit Experts

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