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Without Any Excuses
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Businesses depend on their IT systems and they need to have an IT services company that is guaranteed to be there when they need them.

B&V IT Advisory Services understands how important your data and technologies are to your business success, so we'll be there when you need us.

What you'll get working with B&V IT Advisory Services:

  • Access to the sharpest minds in the IT industry
  • Proven IT systems built on proven technologies
  • IT networks implemented carefully using only the best practices
  • Expert IT advice and guidance
  • A trusted team of cybersecurity experts keeping a close eye on your network
  • Professionals who are experts in their craft

IT Services

  • Managed IT Services
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Co-Managed IT Services
  • Compliance Assessments
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Remote Workforce
  • Cloud Service Migrations
  • Microsoft 365 Migrations
  • Business Communications
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Resiliency
  • Fractional IT Advisory

Cybersecurity and IT Fireside Chat: COVID's Impact on Cyber and IT Trends and What You Can Do

Using technology to protect your organization's information isn't a new concept, however IT and cybersecurity best practices constantly evolve and change, keeping everyone on their toes.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are rethinking the way they do business. Whether you're discussing the notion of a fully remote, fully onsite, or hybrid workplace model for your employees; exploring alternative ways to handle payments; leaning on temporary or contract workers or outside vendors more than before; or anything in between, knowing your IT and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and how to address them is vital to keeping your information secure.

Join Jim Herrmann, Chief Information Officer at Briggs & Veselka, and Mike Trpkosh, Director of Cybersecurity at Briggs & Veselka's subsidiary, Pathway Forensics, for a discussion about IT and cybersecurity trends, best practices, potential pitfalls, and how to optimize your IT and cybersecurity program.

What technology services do businesses need?

Whether you're currently growing or you're looking to grow in the next few years, technology services will play an integral role in the expansion of your business – from increasing profitability, to adding new staff members, to acquiring new customers, and everything in between.

Keep reading for more details about the range of services we offer our clients.

IT Services

A range of services, including proactive monitoring, regularly scheduled maintenance, support, and more – for a flat-rate monthly fee that's easy to budget for and predict.

Network Operations Center

Our NOC is where our engineers perform the monitoring, maintenance, and supervision required to keep your infrastructure up and running with optimal performance and reliability.

Client Success Management

Everything you need to ensure every initiative you take on is successful, including a dedicated account manager, a virtual chief technology officer, and a full managed support team.

Project Management & Delivery

Our project team can help you achieve all of the above as we handle a range of projects, including network deployments, Microsoft 365 migrations, security upgrades, and more.

Vendor Management

Vendor management refers to the process of working with your vendors to take care of license and warranty maintenance, handle support requests and/or issue resolution, and much more.

Total Quality Management

Total quality management refers to the practice of ensuring the quality of IT services that are delivered to end-users – keeping track of all services to ensure end-users are receiving what they need.

All our services are designed with you – the customer – in mind. You need to operate efficiently in today's day and age, and the right technology services are essential in this endeavor.

Strategic IT Consulting

Gain access to a CIO's high level of knowledge and expertise without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff.

Our virtual CIO solution will provide insight into how to implement the right technologies at the right time to take your business to the next level.

IT Projects Delivered On Time, On Budget &
Without Any Excuses

Every great idea starts with some simple brainstorming. That’s the fun part.

But when it comes to planning and executing on those ideas, it can become difficult.

Even the most seasoned information technology professionals can struggle because they’re already dealing with a range of demands:

  • Respond quickly to support requests
  • Decrease time-to-market
  • Improve customer service
  • Optimize the delivery of applications
  • Boost network performance and/or speeds

Bring us your challenges.

Sometimes, organizations are looking for technology solutions: new hardware, a new application, a migration to the cloud.

Other times, you have challenges but no clear path forward.

Our technology consultants, many of them with CIO and CTO titles on their resumes, are experts in finding the root of your challenges and giving you a way out.

We listen. We ask questions. We know the landscape. We can help you find a way out.

What makes B&V IT Advisory Services different:

We’re vendor agnostic.

We don’t come with pre-set solutions, we come ready to understand your needs and find a solution that works for you.

We care about the work.

We’re in this to make you look good – not ourselves. We want to elevate IT in your organization, utilizing technology to solve the business challenges no one else could.

We don’t do jargon.

Buzzwords aren't in our language; we believe in meaningful conversations that yield new information, leading us to a solution that works best for you.

Ready to get started?

Let's work together.

  • Book a meeting with our team of information technology professionals.
  • Talk to us about the challenges, goals, and objectives you have.
  • Let us guide you toward the right technology services for you.

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