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Why use fractional IT advisory services?

Achieving your business goals can be challenging, especially if your in-house resources are spread thin or you simply don't have the budget for additional headcount. Whether you've had to make tough financial decisions or are poised for growth, leveraging outside experts to assist with short- or long-term needs can be a viable option for savvy businesses.


  • In a fractional role, a Briggs & Veselka senior executive supports you for a few hours a week. You pay for a fraction of the role's time at a fraction of the cost.

  • Our professionals become a part of your organization, but only for the amount of time you need them. Imagine a project manager who organizes and runs update meetings for the same four hours every week, or a CIO who works with your executive team to establish and maintain a technology roadmap in alignment with your company goals and objectives with the same dedication as a full-time employee without the same overhead.

Are fractional services a good solution for you?

Fractional outsourcing may be the best choice for your organization if you often face these challenges:

  • Challenge– You would like your company to focus on strategic initiatives and utilize your employees' core competencies, undistracted.
    • Solution – When you outsource with B&V IT Advisory Services, you no longer drain resources when trying to isolate, identify, and solve IT challenges. Our skilled professionals will handle your organization's IT needs so you can focus on your core business.

  • Challenge– You need to upgrade or migrate network devices. However, you lack the time, familiarity, or personnel to manage the necessary transition, training, and support.
    • Solution – B&V IT Advisory Services can deliver the peace of mind you need during this transition period. We understand upgrades or migrations occur infrequently, yet we handle them every day. We will provide an interim operations management system to facilitate the technology transition, train your IT staff, and transition control back to you.

  • Challenge– You want to maintain control of your IT programs but need some services and support to complement what your own staff can provide.
    • Solution – Fractional outsourcing with B&V IT Advisory Services is intentionally designed to deliver incomparable flexibility, choice, and control. You choose the services you need and designate the length of time for the engagement. We work with you to configure the right level of fractional outsourcing to meet those business needs. And if your requirements change, we will work with you to adjust the scope of services.

What to consider before hiring a fractional service provider

When discussing fractional services as a solution for your organization, ask yourself and your team these questions:

  • What is the time period for the needed role? Does the business need this capability indefinitely, for a few weeks, or somewhere in between? And will the role change significantly over that time?

  • What is the time requirement of the role week-to-week? Is this a full-time job or is it a piece of a person's week or month? Is the time requirement predictable? Is the time requirement volatile?

  • How specialized is the capability? Is it trainable or does it require significant educational or professional experience and expertise?

  • How deep is the local talent pool? Does the capability exist within commuting distance? Could the role be accomplished remotely?

  • Is your organization growing or otherwise changing significantly in a short period of time? Would staffing flexibility be worth a premium to your business during this time?

  • Are you expecting a meaningful transition in the business, like a turnaround or transaction?

Benefits of hiring B&V IT Advisory Services for fractional outsourcing

When you choose Briggs & Veselka for your fractional needs, you receive:

  • Diverse Skill Sets – Our technical staff brings a range of skills to your business, and they operate as a team to manage your technology requirements, including a range of cybersecurity services, provided by our subsidiary, Pathway Forensics.

  • Fast Troubleshooting – If key systems are down, your organization could come to a standstill. Due to our experience, monitoring engine, and remote tools, we resolve issues quickly with less downtime for you and your clients.

  • Reduced Technology Spend and Improved Efficiency – We can reduce your technology costs or improve the efficiency of your technology teams and processes with solutions tailored to fit your budget.

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