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As organizations grow and accounting problems become more complex, it can be incredibly valuable to receive CFO advisory services to guide your firm to greater financial success.

Services We Provide

Our CFO advisory services include items such as:

  • Growth strategy considerations
  • Acquisition support
  • Cash flow strategy
  • Forecasting needs
  • Audit support

And all of these can be provided at a fraction of the cost of a full-time controller.

Who Our Services Are For

Two of the primary candidates for our CFO advisory services are growing, service-based businesses and established businesses.

Growing, Service-Based Businesses

If you're a growing, service-based business in need of financial expertise and guidance, you may benefit from Briggs & Veselka's CFO advisory services.

We help businesses looking for a cost-effective alternative to a full-time CFO or controller or those ready to branch out beyond one accountant or bookkeeper.

Established Businesses

We also help established businesses that are ready to transition or replace an existing CFO or Controller.

Our CFO advisory services are ideal for businesses that need readily available financial and strategic advice, but not necessarily someone on-site daily.

Controller vs CFO Advisory Services

Our advisory clients are assigned a controller or a CFO – but what's the difference?

Essentially, controller advisory focuses on analysis while CFO advisory has a more global strategic view of your business.

What’s Included

All of our CFO advisory clients are assigned a team consisting of:

  • a CFO or Controller Advisor;
  • a Senior Accountant or Accounting Manager; and
  • an Accounting Specialist.

To ensure client success, we also require two meetings per month with leadership. These meetings cover topics such as:

  • Forecasting updates/changes, cash position, and other topics of interest; and
  • Prior month's financial performance, updated goals, cash position, and KPIs.

Try Before You Hire

It's important that you find the right fit for your company – so we offer two options to "test drive" your CFO team before making a final hiring decision.

Option 1Option 2

Option 1

Free Initial Consultation

Our first option includes a 60-minute meeting to discuss your unique business position. During this meeting, we'll walk through a review of accounting reports and details.


There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Option 2

A Deep Dive of Your Accounting Needs and Processes

Our second option goes into more detail while enabling you to evaluate whether our CFO advisory services suit your business needs.

We’ll begin with a review of your business processes and procedures, including discussions and job-shadowing of current accounting staff.

We’ll also conduct benchmarking of your current processes to successful companies of a similar size - or the size your business aspires to become.

This option also includes an evaluation of your company’s accounting software based on current activity and forecasted growth.

Finally, you’ll receive a consultation report outlining the current state of people, processes, and systems with specific recommendations for next steps.


There is a standard average fee of $7,000 for a low-risk test drive of your future CFO/Controller Advisory team.

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