Our Transaction Advisory Services team is comprised of seasoned CPAs experienced in providing transaction assistance to corporate and private investors including PE firms, with deal size experience ranges from $300K to $15 billion.

We provide a tailored approach to rapidly identify the necessary aspects of a potential, pending, or finalized transaction to help preserve the inherent deal value. Our team is highly integrated and collaborative among due diligence, tax, risk, valuation, and M&A professionals

Quality of Earnings and Financial Due Diligence

If you are looking to buy a business (Buy-Side), it’s important to conduct the right amount of financial due diligence. This would include a thorough analysis of the target company’s historical books and records, discussions with management on significant processes and policies, disaggregation of financial results, and identifying irregularities or outliers that could cause those financial results to be misleading.

Similarly, if you are looking to sell your business (Sell-Side), having a third party conduct this same level of due diligence in preparation of sale could save significant time and effort once on the market. In either scenario, a quality of earnings report would satisfy most if not all of the financial due diligence needed and prove beneficial to the transaction process.

Our Transaction Advisory Team has worked on transactions of varying size and complexity and can provide the appropriate level of advice and counsel.

Other Financial Due Diligence Services

  • Purchase Price allocation
  • Working capital reconciliations
  • Agreed-upon procedures

Tax Structuring

It’s critical to have a transaction done in a tax-efficient way – should you sell equity or should you sell assets? Depending on how your business is structured, the nature of it - It may not make a big difference or it may make the world of difference. It’s good to have these questions answered before the transactions in case it becomes a negotiation item. Our Transaction Advisory Team can guide you through a tax-efficient transaction and prepare you for a fair negotiation.

Tax Diligence

People always think about acquiring a company or starting a business but they never think about how they will take it apart. It’s important on the front-end when you start a business or acquire a business that you know how it’s going come apart on the back-end. Making sure you’ve got some tax efficiency build-in or tax flexibility is critical. Our Transaction Advisory Team has worked on transactions in varying size and complexity and can provide that advice and counsel.

Corporate Recapitalizations and Growth Capital

Additional services we provide may involve corporate recapitalizations and growth capital. Transactions of this nature may include a partial sale of equity or preferred stock to an institutional investor or subordinated debt from an institutional investor.

In today’s market, a recapitalization can be an attractive alternative for an owner to diversify their risks associated with a concentration of wealth completely encapsulated within a privately held company. Due to the considerable amount of capital available in the market, a quality company no longer has to consider an “all or nothing” sale, as there are many options.

Based on understanding your objectives, we can discuss the broad range of alternatives available to you.

Our TAS Practice

Tax Partner and Transaction Advisory Partner Jason Sharp explains our TAS practice: the right solution for the middle market.

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