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Briggs & Veselka's corporate tax services are structured to help with the many different needs of your business. From choosing between C Corps and S Corps, to tax projections and provision, we help structure your business for success.

Accounting Methods Review

We will analyze and review your accounting methods to determine if you are using the correct and most advantageous method for your business. We can prepare the IRS application for accounting method change if needed.

C Corp vs. S Corp: Choosing the Right Corporate Taxation

There are several unique factors to consider when determining if your business should operate as a C-Corp or an S-Corp.

We will guide you through the complex process of identifying advantageous tax strategies, Section 1202 stock implications, and double taxation as they can relate to your business.

We will deliver clear analysis to help you determine which form of corporate taxation is best for your unique situation.

FIN 48 Assistance

FIN 48 (short for FASB Interpretation No. 48) engulfs many uncertain tax positions, including state and local tax scenarios. We can guide you through these positions and provide assistance if there are issues that need to be resolved.

Tax Provision (ASC 740)

Tax provisions can be incredibly complex. Our experts have extensive experience reconciling the differences between GAAP, tax income statements, and balance sheets as they are presented on the audited financial statements and federal tax returns.

Learn more about our tax provision services.

Income Tax Projections

Do you know how much income tax your business will pay next year? We provide expert analysis on your tax projections and offer strategies to help minimize those taxes. Gain a clear picture of your taxes and where your business is headed.

IRS Audits and State & Local Tax Audits

The IRS is not your friend. Have a team of experts by your side for your audit defense. We represent our clients with expert defense against IRS audits and state & local tax audits.

Succession Planning and Buy-Sell Representation

All business owners come to the point where they must pass the torch to the person or people who will carry on their legacy.

Our teams have extensive experience in the transfer of ownership to family members, employees, strategic buyers, and private equity groups. We have deep knowledge of the tax implications of each scenario and will help you structure a business transfer for the most advantageous tax position available.

Learn more about our sell-side advisory services.

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