As your business expands its global footprint, so does the complexity of its tax structure. Briggs & Veselka is here to help you reduce your tax burden while navigating foreign tax compliance pitfalls with complete confidence.

Briggs & Veselka's international tax experts help you design and implement efficient cross-border tax structures to ensure an advantageous tax position with minimal risk - no matter where you do business.

With a team fluent in over 20 languages and a network of more than 700 accounting advisory firms in 158 countries, Briggs & Veselka provides international tax resources that few other public accounting firms can.

Our foreign tax advisors help multinational corporations, expatriates, and individuals with dual citizenship develop and optimize their international tax strategies, both inbound and outbound.

Businesses & Corporations

Global Tax PlanningInternational Form Preparation & ComplianceForeign WithholdingOutsourced CFO & Accounting ServicesFDII (Foreign-derived intangible income)

Global Tax Planning

We perform comprehensive analysis and compliance to effectively manage and minimize global effective tax rates for your organization.

  • Earnings and profits (E&P) studies
  • Inbound tax considerations for entering U.S. markets with efficient tax structures – permanent establishment analysis
  • Global tax minimization plans
  • Design and implementation of global tax efficient structures
  • Cross-border financing strategies and foreign exchange issues
  • Compliance for financial institutions
  • GILTI (Global Intangible Low Tax Income). We manage, compute, and disclose your GLITI inclusion
  • Export sales consulting – IC-DISC
  • Transfer pricing consultation on documentation, policies, and agreements
  • Outbound tax considerations of global expansion- including cross-border cash planning, profit/dividend repatriation, funding and capitalization, and foreign currency issues
  • Cross-border tax treaty analysis and planning for companies and individuals
  • Treaty based tax return compliance
  • Entity classification elections – disregarded entity (DRE) or choice type of entities

International Form Preparation & Compliance

We will prepare all international tax forms to keep you in compliance with U.S. tax reporting requirements.

  • Preparation of all U.S. international forms, including:
    • Form 1118;
    • Form 5471;
    • Form 8832;
    • Form 8865; 
    • Form 8858;
    • Form 8938; and
    • FBAR (FINCeN 114) 
  • ASC 740-10/FIN 48 analysis (uncertain tax positions)

Foreign Withholding

We will provide advice and compliance services with respect to U.S. source witholding on certain income paid to nonresidents.

  • Withholding reporting for foreign partners of U.S. direct investments
  • Withholding implications on outbound U.S. source income, including FATCA compliance (W-8 series and EIN/ITIN applications)

Outsourced CFO & Accounting Services

Many business owners find the accounting function to be the most difficult aspect of running a business. Our Client Accounting Services will outsource back office accounting functions and provide operational support for your global business. We do the work so you can manage and grow your business effectively.

Learn more about outsourced accounting

FDII (Foreign-derived intangible income)

Maximizing permanent tax benefits for your services and products that are provided to non-U.S. customers.

  • Tax planning for intangible properties and IP migration


Income TaxImmigrationTax Compliance

Income Tax

We assist U.S. residents and foreign nationals plan their arrivals or departures and help manage their tax situation for all years in between.

  • Foreign tax credit planning and disclosures
  • Analyze and disclose beneficial tax payer elections
  • Inbound tax considerations for foreign nationals on U.S. assignments
  • FEIE (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion) for U.S. expatriates


We provide in-depth analysis and advice as you plan to immigrate. B&V can help you consider your asset portfolio in light of the U.S. tax effects on transferring your residency.

  • Pre-immigration tax planning for individuals: trust, estates, inheritance, and gift tax planning with cross-border considerations
  • Tax compliance for relinquishing U.S. citizenship and U.S. permanent resident
  • Expatriate tax returns – analysis of tax equalization agreements for foreign assignments

Tax Compliance

Many regulations govern offshore and foreign assets. We help you understand the regulations you are subject to and how to navigate them in relation to your foreign assets.

  • IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI) compliance - streamlined and full disclosure programs
  • Non-resident dual-status U.S. tax compliance (Form 1040NR)
  • Foreign trusts and passive foreign investment reporting (Forms 3520 and PFIC's)
  • Foreign bank account and specified foreign financial assets compliance (FBAR and Form 8938)

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