So you’re being audited…

3 steps you can take today to get ahead of the curve

1. Gather your documents
-The Texas Comptroller’s office will request the specific forms being audited. Locate them and organize before arrival. 

2. Review and make a plan
-Any and all additional information given to the auditor can be used against you.
-Make a plan for who the auditor will coordinate with internally. Make the auditor aware they are only supposed to speak with them for audit matters. If not outlined properly, an auditor can ask ‘out-of-the-know’ employees anything about your business to gain insight.

3. Know your rights
-There are options available if you do not agree with an auditor’s findings.


Briggs & Veselka specializes in audit analysis and risk mitigation

Our SALT practice has saved our clients over $25M this year alone. Let us help you with:

  • Defense of state tax audit designed for impact reduction
  • Texas state tax overpayment analysis
  • Categorization of manufacturing processes and inventory items for reclassification and refunds
  • Nexus analysis
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Resale/exemption certificates

We serve all industries. Let's get you audit-ready.

We serve all industries. Let's get you audit-ready.