Long View Video Series


“…being able to have that open line of communication with your staff is ever more important. Oftentimes, what you find is that you’ve got hidden talent, a skill set or a core competency that was never part of the job description that one of your staff have…”

Adam Dimmick
Audit Shareholder
Briggs & Veselka

How Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace the Different Skills and Viewpoints of Their People

There are now at least four generations of employees in today’s workforce, and while there’s been a lot of commentary about the impact of the millennials, the management of most companies at least understands the differences and is now attempting to orchestrate the varied skills and points of view of all the generations to create market success. In this brief video, Sue Burnett, Founder and President of staffing firm Burnett Specialists; Ron Coben, CEO of Pioneer Bank; and Adam Dimmick, Partner at Briggs & Veselka share stories about levering the differences of their employees into a competitive advantage.