“The problem is that, absent of having a marketing strategy that ties back to a business strategy and that ties back to a business plan, absent of having that, all you’re going to wind up with is a bunch of tactics.”

Bill Penczak
Managing Director
Briggs & Veselka

Disconnects Between Entrepreneurs and Marketing Stories

Marketing means different things to different companies, and the ensuing confusion can diminish the effectiveness of marketing investments. In this video, you will hear both B2B and B2C perspectives on what entrepreneurs don’t understand about marketing (and what marketers don’t understand about entrepreneurs). Stories are from Mush Khan, CEO & Board Member, APS Plastics &Manufacturing;  Ryan Soroka, Entrebrewneur & Co-Founder, 8th Wonder Brewery and Eatsie Boys; and Bill Penczak, Managing Director, Briggs & Veselka.