During our client conversations, we heard common issues related to operational excellence for entrepreneurial companies.

  • Operational Improvements
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Getting buy-in from your people
  • KPI-Centric Operations
  • How to Incorporate Robotics in Your Operation

Hear how these professionals operate their companies excellently.

Operational improvement is a great notion, but where and how does a growing company even begin the process and not become overwhelmed and frustrated in the process? This video will share some stories and insights from Mush Khan of APS Plastics & Manufacturing; Donny Shimamoto, Managing Director and Founder, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC;  and John Cooney, Tax Partner, Briggs & Veselka on what they’ve learned about how to lay the foundation for improvement in your organization.

Faster. Cheaper. Better. The point of operational excellence is to make companies more efficient and therefore more effective in the marketplace. Rather than thinking about operational excellence in terms of an inward-facing function, we learned a new way of thinking in these discussions with Grayson Hoberg, Chief Operating Officer, Kerr Consulting and John Cooney, a shareholder with Briggs & Veselka who has seen the inner workings of companies in a variety of industries and in a spectrum of sizes.

The rising tide of Artificial Intelligence and robotics will revolutionize every industry, whether we like it or not- in fact GM has announced the launch of their self-driving car in showrooms next year.  In this video you’ll hear about the future of automation and what even middle market companies should consider today.  Guests include Mush Khan of APS Plastics & Manufacturing; Grayson Hoberg, Chief Operating Officer, Kerr Consulting ; and Donny Shimamoto, Managing Director and Founder, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC.

We also came across an interesting website that make you think differently on this topic, Will Robots Take My Job?

The current thinking is that operational excellence result from the triad of people, process, and technology. The most difficult element, experts say, is the people part. These interviews will delve into the importance of measurement and accountability in your people–the one factor you really can’t automate. Featuring Mush Khan of APS Plastics & Manufacturing; and John Cooney, Partner with Briggs & Veselka.

Growing companies are often at the inflection point of building scale while maintaining their agility to respond to market conditions. In today’s “flat” world, size is no longer the same competitive advantage as it once was, as smaller companies have access to more technology, and more markets, than ever before.

When your people buy-in to the financial well-being of your company, great things can happen. Hear two leaders describe how they foster personnel buy-in from day one, and the financial impact it has on the bottom line. 

Hear two top level professionals discuss the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) most important to their firms.

The advantages that robotics offer can be implemented on a much smaller scale, while still being extremely effective to medium sized companies.

Some years don’t end as good as you hoped. Taking the knowledge from a down year, encouraging your employees, and focusing on learning from your mistakes is what turns bad years into great successes. Learn how you can begin operating excellently.