Long View Video Series


“Robots are going to replace functions that have rules and are very systematic, and also have a lot of volume.”

Donny Shimamoto
Managing Director & Founder
IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC

Will Robots Eat our Jobs?

The rising tide of Artificial Intelligence and robotics will revolutionize every industry, whether we like it or not – in fact GM has announced the launch of their self-driving car in showrooms next year.  In this video you’ll hear about the future of automation and what even middle market companies should consider today.  Guests include Mush Khan of APS Plastics & Manufacturing; Grayson Hoberg, Chief Operating Officer, Kerr Consulting ; and Donny Shimamoto, Managing Director and Founder, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC.

We also came across an interesting website that make you think differently on this topic, Will Robots Take My Job?