“Where we’ve seen problems in the past is when they start making decisions and they’re trying to decide to either grow the business or maybe even sell the business …”

Kevin Lovins
Tax Shareholder
Briggs & Veselka

Planning for Orderly Succession Part 2 Stories

Whether a closely-held or a family held business, the transition of a founder/owner presents emotional, financial and operational issues, no matter how much forethought is invested in the transition process. We were fortunate to have some clients and friends of the firm comment on their real-time challenges and considerations in this second of a two-part video on what you might consider when it comes to planning for an orderly succession of your company. You will hear insights from Kevin Lovins, A B&V shareholder who specializes in tax planning for closely held businesses; Sammy Campo, President, Campo Sheet Metal, a soon to be 4th generation company; and Grayson Hoberg Proviso Capital, which invests in closely-held and other businesses.